We arrange donations in kind.

We help people in material need and strengthen social work. At the same time, we save things from premature disposal and thus protect resources. Since May 2023 we saved 838.380 kg CO2!

Donate, don't discard

Our work

DER HAFEN HILFT! combines support for needy people in and around Hamburg with commitment to sustainability and against the throwaway society. We broker donations in kind in good condition to charitable organizations and their clients and bridge logistical hurdles where possible and necessary – pragmatically, uncomplicatedly, friendly.

Donation platform

Our donation platform is the origin and heart of our mediation work. Here you can offer your donations in kind or fulfill requests. Non-profit organizations find donation offers here and can publish requests. Have a look at the platform right now or get more detailed information here.



Nonprofit organizations can browse here and contact the vendor directly.


Often a certain thing is missing to help a person in need. Do you have what you are looking for? Help here.

Our donation store Schnacke 11

In our donation warehouse we constantly keep numerous everyday items. Household goods, furniture, office supplies and others can be ordered.

Corporate donations

Whether office furniture, hotel equipment or inventory of a cruise ship – we also arrange donations from companies in an uncomplicated and effective way.

Sustainability projects

Our association lives from its dedicated crew. There are many ways to become active as a port helper. We warmly welcome you!

Assistance at home and abroad

The focus of our work is the Hamburg metropolitan region. Together with various partners, we also bring targeted help to other regions, right up to the borders of Europe and beyond.


Bild der Frau - Anja van Eijsden

Association founder Anja van Eijsden will be honoured as one of five laureates as GOLDEN “Bild der Frau” 2023.

Follow the gala on Wednesday, 11 October from 8 p.m. in the livestream


Next acceptance of donations at the Center for Social Logistics (Schnackenburgallee 11) on Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.


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To help people in need, we need your support.

Donate money

Our work is financed entirely by donations and grants. In order to be able to help reliably, we need your support. Please donate!

Donate things

Would you like to offer well-preserved everyday things as an in-kind donation? Great! Use our online mediation or bring them to us.


Our association lives from its committed crew. There are many ways to become active as a port helper. We would like to welcome you!

Become a member

Would you like to become part of the association? Come on board as a member and help determine our course – as an individual or company.

CO2 Symbol

With our donation mediation, we make a contribution to climate protection. Passing on things instead of disposing of them and purchasing new ones saves CO2. We have been able to save since May 2023:

838.380 kg CO2

This is equivalent to the emissions of 4.710 flights from Hamburg to Paris or the production of 23.288 kg of beef.
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You can find our blog here. Unfortunately, it is only available in German.

How our help gets there

Together with our partners, we can help people and organisations in difficult situations. Read more about it here or tell us about our support yourself.

Unfortunately, we only provide the note of thanks in German on our website. You can read them here.